DPP-260 Automatic Blister Packing Machine

DPP-260 Automatic Blister Packing Machine

DPP-260  Automatic Blister Packing Machine adopts servo motor for drawing and the brand of servo system is Germany Siemens.


Product description

1. Brief Introduction

Thedesign structure of DPP-260 series automatic blister packing machine ismeeting the standard requirements of GMP, cGMP and the design principle ofergonomics. It adopts advanced smart driver and control technology.

2. Main Features

l  The structure is rational. And elements of electricity and gas are all from Siemens and Schmeling sure that the machine can run stably for a long time.

l  Adopt humane design, combination of split, and can enter into lift and cleaning room.

l  The installation of mold adopts fast-installing screw. Travel route adopts mathematical control. And it is convenient to change specification.

l  It has vision rejection function(option), ensuring the integrity of the product.

l  Reserved the position of forming material, meeting the requirements of technological production.

l  Ensuring the safety of operation and each station have visible safety cover.

l  It can be connected to other equipment, and work together.

3. Main Technical Parameter



Main technical parameters

Cutting frequency: 25-50 times/min for Al-Plastic,20-35 times /min for Al-Al

Packing material and specification

PTP Al foil: Width 250mm thickness 0.02-0.03mm; Forming material: Width 250mm thickness 0.50-0.15mm

Stroke range

Traction stroke: 30-130mm

Application range

Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine pill, herbal medicine pill, veterinary medicine, sugar coated tablet, compressed tablet, different kinds of candy, food and electronic component.

Main function

Stepless frequency conversion; blister packing, security detection

Max forming depth (mm)


Max forming area (mm2)


Power supply

380V ,3p,50Hz

Total electric power (KW)


Compressed air pressure (MPa)


Compressed air consumption (m3/h)

≥ 0.22

Cooling water consumption (m3/h)

Ordinary tap water for circulation cooling

Noise (dB)


Outline dimension (L×W×H mm)


Weight (kg)


Frequency regulation capability of motor


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