GW15D Rotary Tablet Press

GW15D Rotary Tablet Press

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Product description


  • GW15D is a single press automatic rotary continuous tablet press developed by our factory.
  • It can press granular raw materials into various ordinary and special-shaped tablets.
  • It is mainly used in electronics, food, daily necessities, pharmacy, etc.
  • The enclosure outside the door of the industrial department is totally enclosed, and the material is stainless steel, which conforms to GMP standard.
  • Equipped with a transparent observation window, can clearly see the working condition of the machine, and can be fully opened, easy internal clarity and maintenance


  1. This machine has the characteristics of high pressure, wide range of tablet pressing, and can press various shapes of tablets, such as ordinary, irregular, circular, etc.
  2. Mechanical and electrical integration, all controllers and regulating devices centralized on one side of the body, easy to operate.
  3. Equipped with pressure overload protection device to avoid machine damage.
  4. The transmission mechanism with oil invasion lubrication is sealed under the engine body to prolong the service life and avoid cross contamination.

Technical Parameters

Model GW15D
Punching modulus 15
Maximum tablet pressure (KN) 60
Maximum tablet diameter (mm) 25
Maximum filling depth (mm) 15
Maximum thickness (mm) 6
Yield (PCS / h) 35000
Rotary speed (R / min) 37
Motor power R (kw) 3.0/960, 380V/50
Overall dimension (mm) 615 x 890 x 1,415
Main engine weight (kg) 1000

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