TDP-4 Single Punch Tablet Press

TDP-4 Single Punch Tablet Press

  • Tdp-4 single punch ta...

Product description


  • Tdp-4 single punch tablet machine can press powder and granular raw materials into tablets.
  • It can be widely used in pharmaceutical factory, chemical factory, food factory, hospital, scientific research unit, laboratory trial production and small batch production.


The machine has excellent performance, strong adaptability, convenient use, easy maintenance, small volume and light weight.
The machine is only equipped with a pair of die, the filling depth and tablet thickness of the materials can be adjusted, which can meet the requirements of pressing milk tablets in the food industry, pressing various Chinese and Western medicine tablets in the pharmaceutical industry and pressing various similar products in other industries, nd is welcomed by the majority of users in various industries.

Technical Parameters

Model TDP-4
Dies 1 Set
Max.Pressure 45KN
Max.Dia.of Tablet 20mm
Max.Depth of Fill 18mm
Max.Thickness of Tablet 7mm
Production Capacity 4200pcs/h
Motor 380V/50Hz/550W
Machine Size 470*460*670
Net Weight 60kg


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