ZP11 Rotary Tablet Press

ZP11 Rotary Tablet Press

  • It is used in electronic industry, food industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry.
  • With high pressure, it is suitable for making big size tablets, such as electronic element, camphor ball, catalyst and powder metallurgy.
  • Tablets formed twice by main pressing and pre-pressing.
  • The machine running stably and durably.

Product description


  • ZP11 Rotary Tablet Press is used in electronic industry, food industry, and chemical industry.
  • Articles of everyday use industry and pharmaceutical industry, for pressing various granular raw materials into special shaped tablets.
  • For example: electronic element, camphor ball, fertilizer£¬catalyst and powder metallurgy.

Technical Parameters

Model ZP11 ZP18
Dies(set) 11 18
Max.Pressure(kn) 100 100
Max.Dia.of Tablet(mm) 45 30
Max.Depth of Filling(mm) 45 45
Turret Speed(r/min) 6-12 10-20
Max.Capacity(pcs/hour) 7920 21600
Motor Power(kw) 5 5
Overall Size (L*W*H) 910*1120*1650 910*1120*1650
Net Weight(kg) 1200 1200

Tablet Example

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