ZP5/7/9 Rotary Tablet Press

ZP5/7/9 Rotary Tablet Press

  • Cleaning and maintenance is easier.
  • The machines feature small volume,low weight,low noises and tidy appearance.
  • The alarming system and vacuum cleaner are attached.
  • The speed adjustment of the driver is controlled by the frequency conversion device

Product description


  • Design of GMP.
  • High quality all stainless steel constructions.
  • Reliable safety sealing system and dust-proof system.
  • High visibility isolated door to prevent cross contamination.
  • Easily remove parts for quick machine¡¯s maintenance.


All controllers and operating parts are well laid out. The frequency control device is used for electric speed regulation, which is convenient to operate, stable in rotation, safe and accurate. All transmissions are placed inside the machine to keep the parts clean. Equipped with overload protection device, it can automatically stop when the pressure is overloaded. This machine is equipped with an electromagnetic brake motor and other safety protection devices, which can be adjusted and operated during operation.

Technical Parameters

Model ZP 5 ZP 7 ZP 9
Dies (sets) 5 7 9
Max. Pressure (kn) 40 40 40
Max. Depth of fill (mm) 15 15 15
Max. dia. of tablet (mm) 12 12 12
Thickness of largest tablet (mm) 6 6 6
Production capacity (pc/h) 9000 12600 16200
Motor (kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Overall dimensions(mm) 400*580*1000 400*580*1000 400*580*1000
Net weight (kg) 310 310 310

Tablet Example

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